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Looking for a fully professional, dedicated and highly motivated service provider, look no further. Strat Hub Group has got you Covered!

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Ranging from Programs, Business & Project management to digital marketing, hospitality, health and the environment Protection as a whole.

Strat Hub Digital Marketing

A one-stop centre for all digital marketing services like Website development, copywriting, Audience Analytics, SEO, Brand & Strategy, Social media management and team training. Get IT Done!

Axie Capital – Business & Financial Consultancy

We are a fully fledged programs & Project Management consultancy with a strong touch on stakeholder and partnership-building, Customer Services, Business and Financial Analysis.

The Mind-Body-Soulace Agency

An Agency with focus on Mental health, harnessing talent, resettlement and rediscovery of self whilst leveraging everyday resources and the local heritage in the communities. (Community Based)

Alex Isingoma – Project Manager

Are you in need of an experienced and fully qualified manager for your programs & Projects? Alex Isingoma shall deliver your project anywhere at the agreed terms in the best timelines!

Axie Interiors – Simply Elegant!

A crispy clean and well decorated interior goes a long way in creating a neater, less clatered and beautiful home. The little things that really matter. 

Your Virtual Assistant

Our Professional virtual Assistants shall support you in your administrative and technical work with utmost precision.  All you have to do is ask and specify your timelines.

Bed & Breakfast

A small yet comfortable home with a beautiful ambience and very neat rooms in a serene environment. Ideal for both long and short stays within Fort Portal. 

Camp Papie – Unleash Your Potential

A Camp that is located on the outskirts of Fort Portal with basic amenities (Water, Power, food and Shelter). Great Location to equip one with bush craft, endurance and resilience in Mind, Body and Soul.

Papie’s Verdure – Let’s Go Green!

An eco-friendly greenland with trees, plants and flowers and a serene environment for meditation and relaxation. For fish lovers, get a chance to ‘catch it live’ from the pond.

Environment Protection Initiative – (Recycling)

Our Team endeavors to mitigate the dangers of climate change caused by poor waste disposal habits especially PET bottles. The plastic waste is converted into various amazing usable material.

Green Energy Evolution

Alternative Power (Energy) Sources being put to good use to beginning with the most readily available _ Water, Solar and Wind. Making a difference in the world climate begins with your environment.

Divine Florists – Send Your Love With A Flower

Through Time, Flowers have been a very beautiful-symbolic way to express love, gratitude and to tell someone that you care. Divine Florists makes it easy for you to view, order your flowers & gifts  and have them delivered.

Elegant Lawns – Simply Elegant!

A well maintained lawn and neatly set-up landscape not only spells beauty of home but also gives a breath of fresher air. At Elegant Lawns, we turn a basic compound into a beautiful lawn.

Life Coaching – Reinvent Yourself!

Our Professional team shall make engagements that will help steer you in the right direction –  Identity, self discvovery, Career choices, relationships and Financial Literacy.

Evolve – Hack Your Personal Growth (Podcast)

A simple but yet interesting Podcast about our daily life’s encounters, choices and so much more. Get your Personal Growth up to speed. 

The Realtor – Find Your Dream Property

A Legitimate, Fast, secure and most affordable way to find that dream property you’ve been working for for a while now. Don’t Settle for anything less!

The Influencer  – Get The Conversions Up!

The best and yet affordable influencers online to help market your brands an increase the rate of conversions from visitors just browsing through your offerings into consumers.

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Client Testimonials

Strat Hub is a very organised place. I was able to find my ideal services with a click of a button. 

Kyaligonza Patrick

The response rate to my requests has always been quick and all demands met beyond eepectation.


Quick, dedicated and the communication is very good. I should say they are a listening and caring partner.

Mathew Ampaire

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Strat Hub a legally registered Company?

Yes, Strat Hub is a legally and fully registered company under Uganda Registration Services Bureau. (URSB)

Does Strat Hub Group have licensed and accredited professionals to handle all my needs?

Yes, all the consultants, professsionals and service providers are fully licensed and accredited.

Can One get online services without having to come to your offices?

Yes, most of the services, consultations and meetings are usually done online. However, we also do provide some services in person without having to necesarily interact online. 

For how long has Strat Hub group and its Associates been in existence?

Strat Hub, Axie Capital and other associates have been in operation since 2017. However, most of its professionals have more than 10 years’ experience in their respective fields of expertise.

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